Agri-Innovation helps agribusiness companies make 3 strategic choices: Technology + Trademark + Domain Name. Please inquire at for more information.

Plan for success

Get your business plan in shape

Meet with a mentor

Thinking about starting a new business? Or have you opened a business in the past couple of years and need some guidance?

We strive to help small and medium size businesses get off to the best possible start and become long term success stories.

Our format is very flexible: if you want to discuss your business plan or technology, you can, or if you want to focus on a particular topic or pain point, then that’s fine too. Let’s start talking.

Get your business plan in shape

We believe in the adage “Plan your work, then work your plan.”

However tempting it is to want to start a business on a gut feeling and race into it, it’s critically important to have a document setting out your business’s future objectives and strategies for achieving them.

We can accompany you through part or all of this process.

Impress with a website

At Agri-Innovation, we create great websites. We understand many of the factors Google takes into account when calculating rankings on its search results pages and what you can do on your website to improve your rankings!

Whatever your time or budget pressure we can help to get you online. Learn more.

We can setup a email address in no time and at next to no cost!

Register your trademark

Your name will follow you forever – it’ll be on your uniforms, your businesses cards and your email address among other things.

We can guide you through the creative part of choosing your business name as well as its trademark registration.

Register your domain name

Your domain name is how your customers find your website and it should closely resemble your business name and be registered at the same time!

Our domain names experience runs deep – in a past life we managed domain names for one of the world’s largest insurers in more than 50 countries – talk to us.

Register across social media

Social networks and social media have transformed businesses of all sizes, from micro and small businesses upwards.

They present incredible – and low cost! – opportunities to reach new customers in new markets and build two-way relationships to grow your businesses.

It’s important to lock down your preferred social profile names on day 1 and we excel in this space.

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  • Everywhere grapes are grown, growers have to worry about powdery mildew. A typical grape grower spray chemical fungicides for powdery mildew management between 10 and 15 times each year. The fungicides used are costly and environmentally unfriendly, plus the fungus typically adapts to the fungicides within a few generations, requiring heavier applications or changing formulas. […]
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