Agri-Innovation: AgriFood Valuation, Tech Transfer and Intellectual Property Rights Management

Tech Transfer

Tech transfer is a key factor in growth through innovation, creating new ventures and stronger industries. Through this the companies can tap into research advances without spending on internal R&D.

We can scout the best available tech and manage it’s transfer process.

IP Rights

If you want to discuss your ideas or technology, you can, or if you want to focus on a particular topic or pain point, then that’s fine too.

We want to help small and medium size businesses manage their intellectual property in the best possible way and become long term success stories.

Tech Valuation

However tempting it is to share a technology on a gut feeling and race into it, it’s critically important to have a document setting out your tech’s future objectives and strategies for achieving them.

We can accompany you through part or all of this process.

Your original ideas are the most valuable assets you can have as an individual or an organization.

Let’s connect to evaluate your ideas and enable the protection, where necessary, of new knowledge and scientific/technical information.

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